Art & Design

Space Greaser

Your project should make an impact. Whether it’s branding, promotional, or web design, I would love to help you achieve your vision.



Soundboy Killa

Clients have different styles & needs. I adapt to each client’s unique message to produce videos that represent them.



Chat Lander

Through my many channels, I strengthen your digital footprint while helping you take your product to the next level.





Who am I?

Hi, I’m Bill Curran, go-to creative and problem-solver. Others know me by my artistic alias, Evil Little Clown.

As a young child, I was drawn to dance. However, my dreams of being a competitive clog dancer came to a screeching halt. The papers referred to it as “The Butter Debacle.” It was only then I decided to give this whole art & design thing a try.

I would like to point out that some of the paragraph above may or may not be factually accurate. It was mainly to see if you were actually reading this.    


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“Bill is an essential creative workhorse who can do massive quantities of all things digital while keeping his eye on the finer details. We could not have completed our project load without him.”

– Matt Black
Senior Information Architect 

“Bill is one of the most talented, creative, and interesting people I’ve ever met. His creative vision is intelligent and organized. He understands the client’s needs as well as the consumer desires and is able to merge the two seamlessly. Having worked with him, I have learned that he is dedicated, diligent, conscientious, funny, and committed to getting it right. I recommend him very highly.”

– Diane Merians Penaloza
Director of Marketing Strategy & Distribution

“In the past, I had worked with‎ artists who time and time again wouldn’t deliver by the project’s deadline and more often than not, go over budget. Since working with EvilLittleClown‎, not only does the project stay on point with our criteria, but the end product takes our brand to the ‘next level’ and feels like an extension of my vision; true symbiotic work!”

– J.Costa
Thy Will Be Done / Music Professional